Thursdays In The Valley – Part 13

“What the fuck is that?”

“I don’t know, sounds like something is going on out there.”

“I better go see, Kenny better not be giving away free drinks. Oh man, if that’s what he’s doing, I’ll fire him for sure this time. His ass is mine.”

“Man, don’t go out angry, just gather yourself, walk out calmly, with an open mind and see what’s happening.”

He’s already gone . . . I follow.

“Holy shit! One of the girls actually showed up!”

“Oh my god, I know her, she’s a friend of mine, from work.”

“Man that Circle K bitch is alright, at least one of them showed up.”

“That is not one of your Circle K girls, she showed up here a little awhile ago, looking for me. She’s not a dancer.”

“Shit, could have fooled me, she sure looks like a dancer. Look at that shit, fucking unbelievable. Great ass too.”

“Yeah, she sure looks like she knows what she’s doing. Crazy.”

“ . . . Babies . . . brother, the price of drinks have suddenly gone up!”

“Right on, cash in on it, please, exploit my friend.”

“That’s exactly what I am going to do. Where the fuck is Kenny?”

“Uhh, he’s over there, grinding his shit against the juke box.”

“What the?? God damn man, if you can’t rely on family, then who can you count on?”

“Good question.”

I find myself suddenly alone . . .

“HEY!! I need a drink over here. Captain and diet. Should be free too, since I brought you your dancing girl and all. . .”

A slap on the shoulder . . .

“Oh my friend, it is a . . . how do you say . . . magical evening.”

Damn, everybody’s here tonight . . .

“Dancing garrel’s . . . “

“Umm, dancing girl, singular, there’s just one out there my friend.”

“Oh yes, we are friends, aren’t we? One, two, three, oh, I see so many . . . Oh my brother, I have been drinking since early this morning, playing my metal videos, drinking, drinking, drinking . . . I am unsure of myself, in what I am saying.”

“Playing metal videos?”

“Yeez, metal. Real music.”



“Like what kind of metal?”


“Heavy metal?”

“Heavy . . . fucking . . . metal.”

“Oh shit, heavy fucking metal, now I know what you’re talking about. Why didn’t you say that in the first place? There’s heavy, there’s metal, and then there is heavy fucking metal, whole other ball park my friend. I’m with you brother, I’m with you.”

“I am thinking you are making fun. It it obvious to me, now, that you do not understand the metal.”

“No, no man, I understand the metal, I use to be into that shit. Fucking Venom, Cannibal Corpse, Impetus . . . those were the days.”

“Oh, fucking Venom, yes. But the Impetus? I am not familiar with them, were they from the Netherlands?”

“No man, they were from Illinois . . . but something happened . . . the last thing anyone knew, they were on tour in Scandinavia and then, poof! No one heard from them again. Kinda crazy, one theory is that a black metal band took them from their hostel and fucking killed ‘em. Sacrificed their asses.”

“Ohhhh! The black metal patrons of destruction . . . I would not put it past them. Impetus huh? You must burn me the CD.”

“Oh yeah, right on, I’ll make you a disc.”

“I thank you. Now, I must watch the garrel.”

“She is pretty cute, huh?”

“Cute? I am not familiar with this word.”


“What is this cute? Please to explain.”

“Are you trying to tell me you don’t know what “cute” means?”

“No, I am sorry but I do not.”

“How long have you lived in this country?”

“Thirteen years my friend.”

“And you haven’t ever heard the word cute?”

“I have heard it but I do not know quite the context in which it means.”

“Cute. Like pretty, hot, sexy . . .’

“Ohhh, very much fuckable? This is what you mean?”

“No, not exactly, but you’re close. Cute is a much nicer word, cute represents a sort of respect, an appreciation. You can think someone is cute but not necessarily want to have sex with them. Know what I mean?”

“No my friend, you have lost me because I most for sure want to have sex with her.”

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