Thursdays In The Valley – Part 16

“Man, your friend just took off, you missed it. One second she was up there grinding away and then she jumped down off the table, grabbed her purse and ran out the door.”

“What did you do to her?”

“What! I didn’t do shit. I was just watching. Nobody did or said anything, she just ran out”

“That’s weird, wonder what happened?”

“And the bartender freaked, he went chasing out after her, all yelling and shit, dude’s face was all red and swollen, looked like his blood pressure was about to pop.”

“Where’s he at?”

“I don’t know, he never came back in. Probably chasing her down the street. . . or lying dead in the parking lot from a fucking heart attack. Man that guy is tense.”

“Yeah, he’s alright, he’s just got some issues he needs to work on. I hope he didn’t give her too hard of a time though, she really is a nice girl.”

“No need to tell me about how nice she is, I saw that shit with my own two eyes . . . very nice.”

“You’re a pig man. But what the hell, praise the lord and pass the ammunition, ‘cause Jesus loves you, right?”

“You got that right brother, he loves each and every one of us. Even you.”

“What do you mean even me?”

“Even you.”

“Why are you singling me out?”

“Because I know you’ve done some bad, bad shit. And I also know you haven’t yet accepted Jesus Christ as your savior, but he loves you anyway. It’s unconditional with one condition, that you love him back. That’s all, simple as that.”

Someone just punched the wall . . .

“This is bull sheet! This box of the juke has no real music in it. Crap, that is all which there is. Crap, crap, more crap . . . crap here, this is also crap, this one I don’t know . . . but I am guessing it is the crap.”

“Fuck man, just play something . . .”

“I am trying, there is nothing in this thing worth my quarters, what is it you want me to do, play the Elvis greatest hits?”

“I don’t care, just push those fucking buttons and play something.

“I did, I just did that very thing. I pushed the buttons, nothing is happening. I hear no song, nothing. This thing, it took my money, it took my money and is playing no songs.”

“Fucking kick it.”

“I will do more than kick it my friend, I will take it to a far away place, swear at its mother and then leave it all alone . . . to die.”

“Fuck yeah, that sounds good to me. Don’t make it easy man, make it think about it for awhile. And definitely bring its mother into it.”

A Familiar melody . . .

“What? What is this? This is not what I have chosen. This is not the song I was thinking to hear. I would put a curse on this machine but I feel it is already stricken with the curse . . . and I must get away before this curse finds its way into myself.”

Uhh, get me out of here . . .

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