Quill Commander Award


The purpose of this award is to promote patriotism. Along with it, this reward is created to unify bloggers from different countries through tolerance and appreciation of their nationality. We are already unified by our love for writing and reading, so this is a token of that love.  The Quill Commander Award was created by Dronstad.  

I want to thank Dronstad for the nomination.  Please take some time to stop by his blog.

I also received a second nomination from Vye, check out his blog for some great stories and amazing art work.

The rules:

1. Thank the blogger who nominated you and post a link of their blog
2. List the rules of the award
3. Post a photo of your National flag and anthem
4. Leave a favorite quote
5. Nominate a few loyal bloggers

(Optional rules: Link the creator of the Award, decorate your blog with the “Dronstad Wings”)



The art of living… is neither careless drifting on the one hand nor fearful clinging to the past on the other. It consists in being sensitive to each moment, in regarding it as utterly new and unique, in having the mind open and wholly receptive.” 
― Alan W. Watts




My nominations (in no particular order):

Tales From Medina

Journey of Reflections-JGomez

Underfoot Poetry-Tim Miller

Moonlit Pieces




7 thoughts on “Quill Commander Award

  1. Wow. I like the flag, the quote, all of the rules you followed through, everything. 😀 This does make me happy. 😀 Thank you for honoring me with accepting this award. 😀 I hope your blog will grow a lot more, as it deserves that. Thanks once again Commander.

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