Carry Me Home

Sometimes the night will sing me a song

And sometimes it leaves me alone

I close my eyes and I feel your voice

And I wait for you to carry me home


And the ghosts that come when the sun goes down

I keep them all inside

They dance around when I close my eyes

And I feel the past come back around


And I know it’s only a beggar’s dream

A place where we can finally sleep

When all that matters is where we are now

And I listen for the words that’ll carry me home

21 thoughts on “Carry Me Home

  1. I really enjoyed this poem! It moved me emotionally.

    Suggestion– I wonder if the last line could be improved if it rhymed with sleep or dream because the first two stanzas have a rhyme in them, even though the rhyming pattern is different.

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    1. Thank you for the feedback, I really appreciate it. I see what you are saying. I tend to write with not much in the way of structure or form but I will take another look at this piece and see what I can some up with, based on your input. Thank you again.

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  2. > and I listen for the words that’ll carry me home

    You write songs or poems and i can’t figure out which though I think it really doesn’t matter in the end, even science says it’s all music anyway so we should just go out there as far as we can to the very ends of being, so long as we find our way home which is just a poet in his bed at night, trying to sleep and maybe trying to forget a few things – seeking Samadhi

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