Thursdays In The Valley – Part 20

“Dude, where have you been?”

This place is much too familiar . . .

“Man, I don’t know, after the other night, I just had to lay low for a while. That was a fucked up situation.”

“You’re telling me, that was some crazy, crazy shit. You want a taco?”

“A what?”

“A taco ma’ man, it’s taco Tuesday.”

“Taco Tuesday? But today’s Thursday.”

“Yeah, taco Tuesday and dancing girls, this place is really starting to come around.”

“I’ve been gone for a few days and now he’s serving taco’s? And what the fuck is that? He painted the wall behind the bar? Why is there a big ass rug on the floor? New stools?”

“I don’t know, the taco thing is just on Tuesday though.”

“Today is Thursday!”

“You sure, the sign says Taco Tuesday. Right there, look . . .”

“Get the fuck outta here, I’m 100% sure today is Thursday. Are you telling me you don’t even know what day it is?”

“So . . . you don’t want a taco?”

“No man, I just need a drink.”

“Maybe later?”

“Maybe later.”

Hey bartena’ we need a drink up in heah’ . . . and get me two more bean lover’s specials while you’re at it! I love those fucking things.”

“I gotta fucking go man.”

“Wha . . . WHAT? You just got here ma’ man. Hang out for awhile, drink some shit, eat some taco’s, watch your girl dance.”

“My girl? You mean she’s been back in here?”

“Yup, last two nights, shows up about nine and dances till the place closes. Everybody loves her.”

“I can’t believe that. Is the bartender paying her?”

“Hell, I don’t know, that’s none of my business. Aww shit, here’s my taco’s.”

“You want a captain and diet?”

“Yeah. Hey, so my friend has been back here dancing the past couple nights?”

“Oh yeah, everybody love’s her.”

“See, told you.” Wipes taco sauce from his face . . .

“How’d you get her to come back?”

“I had nothing to do with it. She just showed up, had a few drinks and started dancing.”

“Did you hire her? Is she working here now?”

“Nope, I offered to pay her but she wouldn’t take it. Don’t make any sense to me, but what the hell, saves me money and people love her. I hope she shows up tonight.”

“Are you at least giving her free drinks?”

Say what? Hell no, I’m not offering anything more. If she don’t want to work for me then that’s her problem. I’m not giving her shit for free.”

“Damn, not even a taco?”

“Well, I’d probably give her a taco. But only if she asks first, I’m not offering it.”

“You’re a tight mother fucker, you know that?”

“Just runnin’ a business my friend. Keeping my eye on the bottom line.”


“So how is court going for you?”


“Yeah, somebody said you had to go to court for something. I hadn’t seen you in a couple days, I figured you got tossed in the can.”

“I haven’t been to court, what are you talking about?”

“That wasn’t you?”

“No, wasn’t me.”

“Well shit, I musta got something messed up. Hmm, I wonder who that was?”

“I don’t know, but it wasn’t me.”

“Well fuck, who were they talking about then?”

3 thoughts on “Thursdays In The Valley – Part 20

  1. This reminds me of an experience I had long ago, in my early twenties, the first time I lived away from where I grew up, in a small coastal town, working at a small newspaper, and someone became frustrated with me at a bar on what I believe was Taco Mondays. I left that bar very quickly, before I had finished eating my tacos.

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