Mercy’s Trail

And I’m so lost out here without your hand

I never knew how long I could hold my breath

But the waters filling up this hole I’m in

I reach up for your hand but you’re not there


Your sacred grace took a turn from me

And your soft lips they turned to stone

Everything turns with a little bit of time

As mercy’s trail leaves me behind


The chorus of my life it makes no sense

A broken screw is all that keeps it in place

A verse begins as a season ends

And I see your hand so far away



35 thoughts on “Mercy’s Trail

  1. thereckoning12

    I like this poem! Well done. Thanks for your comment on my post ( Brick and mortar)…for some reason, I couldn’t see the reply button anywhere. Anyway, you raise some valid points about overpopulation and the eventual demise of our planet….I completely understand your perspective and many would agree with you that we need to diversify and that colonizing other planets will potentially help save the human race….I get all of that but it just makes me sad, what we’ve done to our home and just how much we’ve taken it for granted instead of giving it the proper care while we’re has the chance…and then oh think of Elon launching his car into spacer and many people think that’s so cool. Oh personally find it arrogant and think,”here we go again, repeating the same cycle of destruction. ” What kind of a beginning Is that?” Polluting such a pristine environment…all for the heck of it and just because he can.

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    1. And I agree with a lot of your points. Truth is, I don’t claim to know where any of this will lead us. But I do know we just have to stop hating each other. God, it sounds so ridiculous to have to say that. That is elementary 2nd grade bullshit we should have learned when we were kids. Of course I use “we” as a generic term, not referring to you and I specifically. I do have faith people to rise up and do what is right but the way things are right now, I just don’t see this ending well.

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      1. thereckoning12

        I totally agree. There is way too much greed, ego and absolute power which corrupts absolutely, as the saying goes!! I don’t see it ending well either….too many people are only concerned with howsomethinng can benefit them instead of seeing how anaction with affect the whole planet. I think the day of judgment is on its way…hence my website, The reckoning..

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  2. As it fades to lost horizons,
    I watch your farewell smiling at my pain,
    I hear your goodbye assaulting my senses,
    And taste the sweet salt your touch rubbed into my wounds.

    Sooooooooooo sorry for hijacking your beautiful post, but I read it and I felt like it was asking me to continue!!!!!! It was an impulse. Weird but strong.

    Don’t be mad!!!!!

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  3. Elle Denise

    Wow. This one touched me deeply, in the burial places of past lives. I hope to never have the hand let me go again, and am eternally grateful for the last one who grasped it and pulled me up to safety. Such powerful imagery.

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  4. Elle Denise

    P.S. I’m going through your archives because I highly esteem you as poet on a short list of those who meet my taste and standards. I truly do not need comment-replies as reciprocal courtesy. You’ve already supported me since day one of my blogging (probably not even realizing on blogs I’ve since deleted).

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