I want to be a face in the crowd

A ghost in the machine

Nameless and forgotten

Floating in a sea of broken dreams


I don’t want to face another day

I don’t want to smile and walk in place

I don’t want to be remembered

I just want to fade away


I just want to feel alive

I just want to break these chains

I just want to take another day

I just don’t know what it takes


But I’ll never be nameless

I’ll never be forgotten

And I will always

Step through the crowd



32 thoughts on “Nameless

  1. Aaaaand…I’m in the bar again, watching you sing. Or maybe I have a stool next to yours and I am harmonising for you. You are very evocative with your imagery.
    I hear this in a minor key, minimal melody , the voice carrying the words close to everyone’s chest.

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      1. When I read REALLY GOOD pieces, my mind makes images and vignettes. Your writing does that to me, so I have to share with you.
        Such a lovely thing to say to me, though. I’m glad I give you new breaths and inhalations to think about. Makes me want it read more 🖤

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  2. It’s amazing when you realize that other people often feel this way from time to time and you’re not alone even when you are. The next time I wish I could disappear, (which may happen sooner than I’d like to admit) I’ll remember this poem and how someone else shares with me the same want to be lost and hidden away while still feeling the rush of life in our bones. Great piece!

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      1. That’s why we write, to understand why we feel the way we do. I don’t mind it anymore, it’s kind of my way of life now. Don’t feel sorry for me though, I’m still alive for some reason and that means something to me. I’m happy to enjoy another poet’s words as they come from the heart. It makes me feel even more alive so thank you.

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    1. I can relate to this so much, it’s sad, all of us are fading away, and we’re okay with that. This reminded me of a lyric by my favourite band- “who am I, who am I, when I don’t know myself? Who am I, who am I? Invisible”

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