The Man in Red

Something begins to turn.

I can see him, sitting there, judging me, knowing. My own creation, never to leave my side. Each bandage dripping with the knowledge of what I have done. The past soaks through, clings to the skin, waiting for someone to peel it away and expose whatever wound lies beneath. He is the physical embodiment of the realization that some wounds will never heal. No matter how much time may pass.

It’s cold here in this place.


face bandage 2



  1. Some wounds never heal. It’s true.
    And maybe not so doom laden as we believe, those eternal festers at least keep as aware and ready. They are clear reminders of what has been and what could be. Although we tend to go through a ton of bandages lol

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  2. …wow! This is pure magic… I- I’m out of words. It’s very open to interpretations, which makes it even better! Although I would like to know what came to your mind when you were writing this? What was your perspective? If you’re okay in telling😊

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