The Road Ahead

Sometimes the simplest things in life

Just somehow pass you by

You get so caught up in the race

You don’t know how, you don’t know why


And if I knew then what I know now

I would have tried a different way

But you gotta know when to fight

And when to walk away


‘Cause there’s things you just can’t change

And some things you can’t explain

But I’ll try this time around

To remember what’s inside of me


All my memories gather round

And they shape every part of me

Whichever path I choose to take

I know everything will be alright



73 thoughts on “The Road Ahead

  1. Sometimes, I feel we get too caught up in all the noise and we end up feeling lost, but we just need to trust our own judgement. This poem captures that feeling for me. The feeling that everything we do in life leads up to the present, the result of any decisions we make.

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  2. This is a wonderful lament to the simple things that pass us by. The flow is lovely, the voice and quality of your words, kind and accepting, “And if I knew then what I know now”. And the last stanza is full of hope, a lovely ending. A heartfelt poem! ~ Mia

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