Another Day

Sun shines through my open window

As I sail along this open road

Sometimes I get that feeling

That I’ve been here before


Coffee cups and cigarette butts

Tell the story of my way

Looking for the end of the rainbow

And another day


Long ago I sold my heart

To this life on the road

Town to town and place to place

They all seem the same


Door to door and face to face

My life in a suitcase

Driving toward tomorrows dream

And another day



57 thoughts on “Another Day

  1. They all seem the same and it seems like you’ve been here before. The human architectural fresco is quite similar although dissimilar depending on when you are. One thing remains constant, time passes even if you try to stop it from doing so. One thing remains ever-changing: nature.

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  2. I love this poem! I love travelling! And I understand the need to hop from one place to another. I did it at an early age (15) I also understand the need to come back one day to recuperate before heading back out. But when you have nowhere you spend your days searching for that base of operations and feel as though you only flow with time and space seamlessly gliding through existence and land. In time all memories in your mind fade away. Past and future gone. It’s now that you possess the now. So might as well make it as enjoyable as possible.

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  3. Stories, this poem has such a warm nostalgic feeling throughout. I picture it being early autumn, leaves starting to turn, a car motoring down the highway with the driver smoking a Salem Menthol, sipping black coffee while listening to Dean Martin on the AM radio. “Sometimes I get that feeling / That I’ve been here before”, and who doesn’t like those déjà vu moments? Your poem has painted a lovely picture of being on the road, thank you. ~ Mia

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  4. Wow!! Your poem is so lovely…enjoyed every part of it…specially the part where he feels like he had been there before..Very well written!!! Hoping to see you at my blog to continue the story as it has taken a very interesting turn.

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  5. Song. Clearly. Absolutely.
    Voice, guitar a couple of tight, gorgeous harmonies, in a beautiful bar, amber lighting, scent of warmth and familiarity and this song seducing my ears. Wanna come?

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