Our Time is Brief

Yeah, I remember the first time I saw her. Sitting on the edge of my bed, envelope in hand. She said it contained the answer to everything. And she was more than willing to give it to me.

Pacing with the blade of knowledge to my throat, I didn’t want the responsibility. If I knew, I’d have to give up all this. Then what would I do with my time? What if it’s just a god damn photograph? This is exactly the kind of shit I try to avoid. I know she’s not going to wait forever. But I can’t look, not right now.

I suppose I would have to tell everyone else. Or fuck them, why do they deserve to know? I could become a prophet, a modern day messiah . . . or a motivational speaker, those people make all kinds of money and they’re full of shit. I’d at least know what I was talking about.

All I have to do is accept what’s in her hand. Maybe I should just walk away? Or would that be the biggest mistake of my life? Not like that notion has ever stopped me before. I like things the way they are. Simple, comfortable without pause. Blissfully ignorant. To rethink everything, that just seems like too much trouble.

Maybe I should kill her? Nah, that’s stupid, I’d never kill anybody. Not on purpose anyway. I’ll just walk away, she can’t follow me. Or can she? Fuck!

And why is that envelope so shiny and new? If that really does hold the answer to life as we know it, shouldn’t it be all ancient and worn looking? Like something hidden, passed down through the ages? Looks like she just got it at Office Depot or something.

There’s a knock at the door. Now who the hell could that be?

It’s time to go, come on.”

Wait, what?” I don’t recognize this person.

Wait what nothing. We gotta go. Let’s go.”

Hold on, I’m in the middle of something here.”

No you’re not. Look over there.”

Where did she go? She was just here, she was going to-”

She’s gone. You spent too long fucking around and now she’s sitting on the edge of someone else’s bed. Now let’s go.”

Where are we going?”

Well, she was willing to give you the answer to all life’s questions. You missed it. Now, I am going to give you the answer to the greatest question of all.”

What’s that?”

What happens when you die.”


edge of bed 3




  1. I didn’t see that coming. Great writing. Makes me wonder if I would rather have all the answers or none at all… What about you? Would you have taken the envelope?

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      1. I know, right? I mean the light wasn’t right. And that feeling was wrong. And the envelope… You wrote that part so well. I would wonder about that too.

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  2. I love that story, and I am pretty sure I know who the lady is. When she comes and sits on the edge of your bed and offers you the answer to everything, you don’t say “no” or “wait a minute” – you take it, open it, read it and plunge yourself heedless into whatever the message says you should. Nothing else matters after that.

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  3. An intriguing piece of writing.
    Should be force fed down the throats
    of all life coaches, and those vacuous
    motivational salesmen.

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  4. TSIB, I was caught completely off guard for the last line, it startled me. “Our Time is Brief”, is so good! Your story is captivating, I was drawn right into it, I found myself asking questions like, who is she, why is she here, and what does she really have? Thank you for a wonderful bedtime story, with a super twist at the end! ~ Mia

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  5. I’m always along for the ride when you write a short story….well done! Love the mystery and how you allow the reader to come up with the answers….-Wilde

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  6. Found you by accident – I’ll have to keep reading. Good post. This story happens in between youth and the time you acquire wisdom. Look back on your life 40 years later and you will understand the effects of the causes you made in your youth that were instrumental in the adult you became.

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  7. We are here for a brief time = so true. Decisions made are choices we feel right for us at the moment. Some are in our best interest; others we later regret. You have a talent for writing from the heart. Portrayal through words. I loved your post!

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  8. Sometimes Fate is a very pretty lady and other times she’s just the chick on the corner tugging at her bra strap, chewing gum wearing glitter eyeshadow. LOLZ…. it’s the stuff that happens after death that’s the nagging beauty behind everything. Or, the nagging horror, we won’t know til we get there so it doesn’t matter how many envelopes Fate wants to offer you men. does it?

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      1. true. that’s the hardest thing of all. Idk if women have the same approach to it as men- and when they do, they judge themselves so harshly. Yes. it is definitely a gender based thing. Women take stock in other ways. Ways that are probably just as harsh but idk if it’s as judgemental.

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  9. Oh my GUT literally clenched when this finished. It caused goosebumps all over my body. Seriously, E. Amazing. Br-fucking-vo.
    It read as allegorical to me too. The whole scene is our minds exiting on this plane, with the answers in front of us, while we close our eyes to truth, and sooner than we think….pffft. Over.
    You’re so bloody talented 🖤

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    1. What you describe is pretty much exactly what I was thinking when I wrote it. I always enjoy hearing people’s interpretation of my work but it’s especially interesting when the reader gets the same feeling as I had writing it.

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