The Love Between a Brother and Sister

The door opens.

“Oh my god, the smell is horrible.”

“I told you, I didn’t know what to do with it.”

“Christ, how long ago did you kill him?”

“Four days.”

“And what? You’re just gonna let him sit there and stink the place up?”

“OK smart guy, you tell me, what the hell do you do with a dead body?”

“Shit I don’t know, I’ve never killed anybody. He can’t stay here though, that much I know.”

“You’re telling me. The whole thing has my cat really freaked out. He won’t come out of the bedroom and he’s licking all the hair off his belly.”

“What is that on the chair? Looks like shit!”

“It is shit. Apparently that happens when you die, you shit yourself.”

“Oh I don’t think so. I think he did that on purpose. One last fuck you on his way out. Why didn’t you shoot him?”

“I don’t have a gun. Besides, it felt so much better strangling him with that wire. He had time to think about what was happening.”

“You damn near cut his head off.”

“Well, I’ve been known to be overly passionate at times. You know that. So are you going to help me or what?”

“Look, you’re my sister and I love you. I’d do anything for you but right now, I’m fucking hungry.”

“I’ll make you something.”

“Are you kidding me? I can’t eat in here. It’s taking all my will power not to throw up from the stink. Seriously, it’s gross. Get your coat, we’re going out.”

“OK, no pizza though, I’m sick of pizza.”

“How about the deli down on 4th?”

“Ooohh yeah, soup in a bread bowl. Let’s go!”

He swings his arm around his sister’s shoulder and pulls her in tight. Grinning, he whispers softly in her ear.

“You’re buying.”


  1. Sorry to say, but this story is entirely disturbing. But since it’s filled with so much intrigue, I enjoyed reading it. I am a big fan of thrillers, mysteries ans suspense. I love that the brother is protecting his sister, as is should be, but I have so many questions. Why did she kill this man?, Who was he?, What transpired before this unfortunate turn of events? Will she get away with murder?. I want a sequel to this story. In fact I want a whole book on this.

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      1. So your a writer and publisher? Do you write often? I find myself unimpressed with today’s electronics. I cant seem to shake its weakness. If you have a touch screen they freeze among other things and regular PCs take too long to load. Lmbo but that its made by humans nothings perfect. I appreciate the likes. Looks like your my only audience so far of course.

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      2. I notice you have quite the fan base. How do I get more viewers? I also written a few books available on Amazon. I hadn’t done paperback version yet. For I notice one I wanted people to appreciate my work digitally first. Before committing to solid copies. Would hate to waste trees. Plus my stories are quite different than average. I string them in for mystery, suspense, danger than a slow but get to the point death. In other words my books are short stories that won’t break the daily routine. But leave a hunger for another. I want to start a trend of mini story telling. I feel some kids books got away from but too many adult books get too word stingy that it loses the story altogether. My plan is to keep it simple with a twist. Never forget the sudden twist. It keeps the audience completely on their toes. I also think I’m a bit funny but not sure how that plays. I have grammerly but it correction was a lot of time unnecessary or overbearing to say the least. A lot of my characters were invented merely off experience with a twist of fantasy so their language was not that of a language professor which grammerly didn’t like, that or their names


  2. Dude,no lie, my bestie pulled a prank on me one day, telling me she’s accidentally killed one of her patients by pushing them really hard cause quite frankly these people aren’t what they seem and treat her like shit. She started crying over the phone and I believed her so I told her to wait where she was and not to touch anything. She was 30 miles away but I dropped my food and got in the car when she suddenly laughed and said “damn, I was just kidding. You really would have helped me?…”

    Point being, I get this. Haha great story, River. I needed me some short stories tonight.

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  3. Getting rid of an abusive boyfriend and feasting on pizza afterwards, sounds cool! But they should cement dead body within the walls of their house…

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