Harpers Ferry

We used to dance

In Harpers Ferry

We used to sing

And dream out loud


But it’s all quiet now

Since they hung John Brown


And I’m never gonna leave


There’s no queen anymore

And the rivers all run dry

It’s so hot down here

Since the winters last good bye


Please don’t leave me

In Harpers Ferry

‘Cause here some things they float

And some things they fall


Now my blue eyes

Have turned to grey

And these words I write

Have lost their meaning


But I’m never gonna leave

No I’m never gonna leave

Harpers Ferry


harpers 1


68 thoughts on “Harpers Ferry

      1. Rita

        No, I tricked you! I’ve been working in the background on my original site and I merged them a little while ago. I’m about to post a test to see if it worked and you see it in Reader.

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      2. Rita

        I’m sneaky like that. You gotta keep an eye on me! LOL Let me know if you don’t mind, if you see a post come up from the original blog – Flawed Pearls.

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  1. Stories, your poem, “Harpers Ferry”, has such a lyrical appeal. Love what you’ve done here, calling attention to a historical event, “Since they hung John Brown” and the raid on Harpers Ferry. Wonderful tribute! I like when a poem has a lot going on, more than just words on paper, you’ve done that, given us much more than words on paper, you’ve given us something to chew on. Really well done! Hope your well, enjoy your week. ~ Mia

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      1. Harpers Ferry, where the trains still run but don’t stop
        Tourists in busloads get off at the Town centre drop
        Below the old church which still celebrates Mass on Sunday
        Overlooking the rivers Potomac and Shenandoah

        The Arsenal’s long since burnt, but placards mark its presence
        The whole place tingles with John Brown’s resonance
        It’s a good first stop before Anteitam and Gettysburg if you’re into that kinda stuff
        And you even get sixteenth century candy here, my tummy screams ‘enough’.


        Harpers ferry is worth a visit, with all ye olde Shoppes and houses turned into little museums. It’s bustling with tourists, but it’s not as crowded as Gettysburg. If you get a chance, try to get there from the Maryland Heights trail.

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