Last Wednesday at Sue’s Place – Part 9

“Wasn’t sure if you were open or not. Parking lot is empty. Kind of dead for a Friday night ain’t it boys?”

“Sure is sheriff, don’t reckon I know why either.” the bartender exclaimed.

The sheriff takes off his hat and nods in Bobby’s direction.

“Bobby . . . How thing’s goin’?”

“Not too bad sheriff. Just working and sleeping.”

“And a little drinking too I see.”

“Yeah, well, helps ease the pain a little.”

“GOD DAMN! I HEAR THAT!! The sheriff roars in laughter and then gestures to the bartender.

“Say, can I speak to you for a minute? Just take a second.”

“Sure, let’s go over to the bar where we can have some privacy.”

The sheriff perched himself on a stool and motions to the bartender to come closer. He begins whispering in the bartenders ear. Bobby shifts uncomfortably in his chair.

The bartender, with his ear to the sheriff’s mouth, nods his head over and over, backs away from the sheriff, shakes his head and then leans in again to whisper something. The sheriff shifts his eyes in Bobby’s direction and then away again. This happens a couple of times and Bobby grows more and more nervous.

The sheriff stands up and walks over to Bobby. He’s got one hand stuck in his back pocket and the other is carrying a bottle of Rolling Rock. The sheriff sets the bottle down in front of Bobby and pulls up a chair. Behind the bar the bartender begins to nervously dry some glasses, which are already dry.

The sheriff folds both arms on the table and leans in real close to Bobby . . .

“Here’s the thing Bobby. I had a real worried husband walk in to my office today. Seems he’s under the impression his wife wants him dead. Said he thinks she might be trying to hire someone to kill him. The thing is Bobby, when he first started to think this, he began following her. Seems she’s been in here a couple of times. Now she don’t drink and he doesn’t think she’s having an affair, although that was my first thought. So why would she be hanging out in a place like this?”

“Don’t know sheriff.”

“Well, he thinks she’s trying to find someone to do the dirty work. Know what I mean? Now I know you are in here a lot, what I want to know is if you’ve seen this woman.”

The sheriff slides a photograph across the table, Bobby studies it for a moment.

“Nope, can’t say I have. I think I’d remember someone who looked like that.”

“Now you sure? Take a good look.”

Bobby picks up the photo and takes a closer look.

“Still nothing. Haven’t seen her.”

“Well now, that’s kind of strange because the husband said he saw her talkin’ to a man that fits your description. Said she was in here last two Wednesdays in a row. Were you in here last Wednesday?”

Bobby thinks for a moment.

“Well yeah, I was. But I didn’t talk to any women. I was just sitting right here where I am now, drinking beer. I guess she could have been here and I missed her, I was pretty well lit that night.”

“That’s what I figured. Tell you what, if you do see her or happen to remember anything about her, why don’t you give me a call? I’d really appreciate it.”

“Sure, will do sheriff.”

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55 thoughts on “Last Wednesday at Sue’s Place – Part 9

  1. After I wrote my initial comment on this piece I thought what I’d written sounded a bit sterile, too far removed from the immediate experience of the story. I meant what I wrote as a compliment because it is hard for me sometimes to remain focused, even for long enough to finish reading a short piece like this one.

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  2. Uh oh, Bobby’s playing with fire trying to help this poor damsel in distress. She should just run away, that’s what I would do. Either that or slam him in the face with a hot skillet the next time he raises a fist at her. Listen to me, I’m completely engrossed in the story haha! Great work, friend!

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