I watched you go

Let you go

So much left unspoken

During that last


As we set fire

To what remains


Now I lay beneath

This tree

Stripped bare

Wrapped in regret

A single branch

Clinging to the sky

Remembering the leaves

Which grew

So long ago


I remember

A calm embrace

My head

In your lap

Your hand

Caressing my hair

Something innocent


In the silence

A reason

For you and I


Why can’t this last



I was the one

Who left

Long before

You walked away



It was not our time

Not our place



It’s these moments


Everything else

Which hold it


Which holds us



Maybe it’s not

What’s lost

But what

We shared

That matters

However fleeting

It was

flower ground

106 thoughts on “Maybe

  1. Beautiful and full of longing. Conjures the idea that maybe things could have been different – in a different time, a different place. Funny how that goes… meeting and falling in love – all these things have to fall into place just so or else it doesn’t work.

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  2. The sense of forgiveness and honest reflections denote to me LOVE! These are so powerful emotions IMHO, don’t let them go away, it’s what making the river flow. Be reminded of the bends it took never losing focus of rejoining the Goal the Sea where all rivers join. Wonderful expressions I loved the poetry. Regards Jay

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    1. That is very kind of you and I really appreciate you thinking of me. I would ask though that you please give my nomination to someone else because I have received a few of these in the past month and have gotten very behind in trying to keep up with them. And I’m not sure what I am going to do about all of them yet. Thank you again though, I really do appreciate it.


  3. Laura Denise

    I like that you cling to the fleeting good instead of the heavy loss. I hold lots of those moments in me, too. (Not many seem to stay in my life.) As long as the thoughts bring warmth and tease a nostalgic smile, they’re worth holding onto, I think. Thank you for letting me feel it all, but letting the beauty linger longer than the regret.

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    1. Thank you for taking the time to read and offer feedback. I agree with you. I guess in the end, everything is fleeting so no sense focusing on regret and loss. A lot will be missed or forgotten if we allow ourselves to be consumed by those feelings. I do acknowledge though, that can be easier said than done sometimes.

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      1. Laura Denise

        My pleasure. I’m excited to have more reading time this summer. You’re always around on my blog, which I appreciate. (I’d love for you to introduce yourself to my other followers on my “Meet My Peeps” page.)

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