For Me

Fragments, not pieces


Cutting, turning

Can you feel me

Entering, breathing

Fists pounding


Will I break this time


Well, maybe

But that’s not quite deep enough

To give you what you want

What you need


To purge the flesh

Of Secrets

Of the rot beneath

Exposing your gift to me

Assimilating the why

And what for


Cut a little deeper

Closer, this time

Don’t stop

There’s more

Deeper, wider

How easy it would be

To lose myself

In this

–So familiar


That’s enough

For now

I’ll hold on

To this moment

For as long

As I need

For this is not for you

But for me

55 thoughts on “For Me

    1. I really appreciate you including me in your nominations. But I respectfully ask that you nominate someone else in my place. I have a few others I am way behind on completing and I’m not sure when I would get to this one. Again, it is much appreciated and I thank you.

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  2. Hello☺️
    I have nominated you for Get To Know Me tag🌼🌼🌼 now it is up to you to participate 🎊🎊🎊😊😊😊/


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