When You Understand

And sometimes we adopt these casualties as if they were our own, in the darkest of times, during the only thing we know as real. Finally we struggle to give it away but the most painful of realizations is the moment when we understand this is ours to keep. I will open your eyes to the death of innocence. There is a truth in my anger, an outstretched grasping hand. There is little sympathy in this place, and even less understanding. We are all washed as clean as we can get. But save the dirt and praise tomorrow because it all makes no difference.

Do you want me to really show you something? Really? Because I can. But you may not like what you see. If you want me to, I can turn this whole thing inside out and pull what you thought was reality away, piece by broken piece, then maybe, just maybe, you might have something to say.


Originally published at Morality Park


  1. Stories, “When You Understand” is just as powerful as the first time I read it. A wonderful and contemplative piece. So much to think about, so many questions for the self. Who defines reality and why is it convoluted? So many perspectives and so many different realities. Wishing you a good week ahead. ~ Mia

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  2. I have to agree people do not want to see that their reality is not what they have become accustomed too. Fear always stops them from entering that dark scary area just beyond the lights as they dim downward. Shadows can be deceiving trust me especially slinking around in a extremely dark stormy night. I think so.

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