In Whose Name

Drums pound
Cries rain down 
From the heavens 
The spirits danced 
And sang 
As a mother stood 
Over the body 
Of her dead son 
Two young boys 
Stare in wonder
It seemed as if 
Everyone was waiting 
For time 
To start moving again

gun dirt


  1. NIce poem, but ….now, I did spend almost 5 years in thearny, Spanish Legion that is, so I do know a bit of that ,called war, I did see a teenager with an AK shooting at us, not cool, even tough guys in my platoon froze, didn´t want to kill the kid, I did, everybody was looking sort of paralized, so you got to get their attention, and them comming to the shit great Spain,apart from my crazy ramblings, it was a great read.
    Looking ahead for more

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    1. Thanks for reading. Yeah, that is a brutal reality which I have no experience with. In a situation like that you gotta do what’s necessary to survive. I wonder, in whose name was that kid firing? God, country, government, religion, culture, justice, self-preservation, ignorance, hate, I suppose the list could go on and on.


      1. I´m a jokester, humour is a good medicne, so who? The government.
        Relion, I´´m a bad Christian

        Self presefation…… it does come to me, but I did have 5 guuys under my command, and those are the inmediate that I have to car of, there an american saying…. or I Will put it in my words ¨ having a bear with these guys I wouldn´t, but is strange for civilians to really understand and help a hand when the the shit hits the fan, that is no friendship that is truly are a brotherhood, even if he is not for me and me for him a friendship. He does his job to keep my me alive, aned the same goes, and civilians is hard to explain that emotion, thankfully I notice I can write badly but fuck it, so it is a good medicine

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