1. NIce poem, but ….now, I did spend almost 5 years in thearny, Spanish Legion that is, so I do know a bit of that ,called war, I did see a teenager with an AK shooting at us, not cool, even tough guys in my platoon froze, didn´t want to kill the kid, I did, everybody was looking sort of paralized, so you got to get their attention, and them comming to the shit great Spain,apart from my crazy ramblings, it was a great read.
    Looking ahead for more

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    1. Thanks for reading. Yeah, that is a brutal reality which I have no experience with. In a situation like that you gotta do what’s necessary to survive. I wonder, in whose name was that kid firing? God, country, government, religion, culture, justice, self-preservation, ignorance, hate, I suppose the list could go on and on.


      1. I´m a jokester, humour is a good medicne, so who? The government.
        Relion, I´´m a bad Christian

        Self presefation…… it does come to me, but I did have 5 guuys under my command, and those are the inmediate that I have to car of, there an american saying…. or I Will put it in my words ¨ having a bear with these guys I wouldn´t, but is strange for civilians to really understand and help a hand when the the shit hits the fan, that is no friendship that is truly are a brotherhood, even if he is not for me and me for him a friendship. He does his job to keep my me alive, aned the same goes, and civilians is hard to explain that emotion, thankfully I notice I can write badly but fuck it, so it is a good medicine

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