The Leaving

My little girl pleaded for me not to go. That was the hardest moment of my life, looking down at those big blue teary eyes, ripping me apart with every sob. I was shook by the memory of the words I had told her when this all began. All the nights I held her close, promising I would never leave her, that I would always be there to keep her safe. She’s too young to understand but this is the only thing left for me to do for her. If I go now, her and her mother will have their names moved to the bottom of the list. So this is my love for her, my final gift. A little more time.

I stand in line with over six hundred others on this morning. The way it has been since the onset of the event. Hundreds, thousands of people, day after day, herded like cattle across the platform and on board the waiting vessels. From the beginning they had made their intentions clear. They would take those willing to go first and then the rest would be taken systematically by force. Everyone who has been part of the leaving, so far, has gone voluntarily. This willingness to sacrifice themselves so others could remain has given me a renewed faith in humanity. Never in the span of human history had all the people of the world come together like this, with a common goal, a common sacrifice. And through this faith I recognize the hope I had thought lost.

As we near the entrance to the vessel, I look to the man at my right, then the woman to my left. We each instinctively reach for the others hand. With fingers locked, hand in hand, as brother and sister, we step aboard and leave this world behind.

My last breath is a breath sweet with the belief that those who remain will come together and find a way. All they need is a little more time.



Originally posted at Morality Park


  1. Very moving…made me think of today’s society and my hope that “with a little more time”, people will stop this senseless name-calling and violence and come together to solve our problems. Probably won’t happen, but one can hope.

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      1. My mind just thought of this whole story continuing forward with glimpses of the past. I like it when I read stuff like this that sparks the imagination and thought. So thank you. I needed that.

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  2. You’re very welcome, and thank you very much for being one of my regular readers, which means a lot to me. I enjoy “hearing” the writer’s voice in his or her work, which from my own experience as a writer is hard to accomplish, and I always hear your voice in your pieces.

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  3. Just in awe… as usual. I must tell you I enjoy reading your posts, I don’t usually comment as you have said all that needs to be said with your words. But. It can be nice to hear the words of appreciation once in awhile. And I do, appreciate the words you write. ~Kim

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  4. I absolutely love your stories!!! You have a way of always leaving me holding my breath, waiting fo what will happen. In this, the palpable sorrow and camaraderie in the face of it are so powerful. Beautiful piece!!!! More stories please!

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  5. I feel overwhelmed by the beauty of this piece. There are so many interpretations of this and it fits each one of them perfectly. Maybe that’s the beauty of well-written works 🙂

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  6. You have the calibre to show us the visual in your words. In between I felt, was I reading about the holocaust and then I subtly dawned the past can happen again. Time moves in circles. In less words you said much more. Beautifully expressed


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