We agree
Too often
Clarity is lost
Through shackles
Of self imposed
At arms length
We keep distance
Between the
You and I
At all times
Trampling on
The us and we

Take your seat
And welcome
The lies
Misspelled as truth
Maintained by
The self-righteous
The holy
Rolling specters
The gatekeepers
Who smile
As you pass
The third ring
Of this sideshow

We are consumed
Until gone
Are the consumers
A eulogy for hunger
Strikes a chord
Of reprisal
Sing it loud
As you strike out
Among the masses
The indoctrination
You swallowed
Without hesitation
The price of admission
Between the lines




  1. “The gatekeepers Who smile As you pass” – What a great line.
    Somehow, people tend to think smiles are genuine, and it’s hard to convince them otherwise. Even when they are led to slaughter, they think smiles mean good intentions.

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  2. We have become a nation of sheep, blindly herded by the media and politicians where they want us to go…I get so pissed at humanity’s continuing stupidity.
    I know that each person who reads a poem can come away with a different take, and this is mine.

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  3. I know this doesn’t have anything to do with your poem, but I had a friend in college named Sideshow Bob (it was around the time The Simpsons premiered). He’s a respectable family man now, but there was a time…

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      1. Shucks, I do like good old-fashioned competition.

        I plan on being more specific and wordy with feedback with my morning brain… 🙂

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  4. my vote for an amazing work of art, raw and angry as your audience i feel scared and forced to think about my place in the word and my responsibility to myself and others when it comes to freedom and dignity. thanks so much for sharing and taking the time to contribute to the world

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  5. The passivity at inner level makes one to accept the narrative without questioning. After all, it’s easy to let someone else to do the thinking for us.

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