From This

So much dropped
Along the way
Too heavy to carry
Weigh us down
In every attempt
To move forward
Till one day
We wake and realize
We've lost ourselves
In this

It's not much
But I carry what's left
Hold it close
For it's all I have
My faith
That one day
I will make something
From these few
Shattered pieces
Emerge from this
Broken place
And then
I will dare
To dream

From This


  1. Flows nicely. Good message. Dreams can be hard to hold onto, and for other people they are very hard to let go of.

    Only suggestion for improvement is maybe one or two concrete images. Poetry comes alive with specific things we can see in the mind’s eye, or smell or touch.

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  2. I loved this because holding on to dreams takes effort to achieve them. Many do not reach the top where they can say I did it my dreamed is finalized and I am successful. Great words you committed to make us think. Thank you !!

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