Do people actually ever run through fields of flowers

And if so why?

So someone can take their picture, put a nice inspirational quote on it

Feed it to the masses

Disguised as an original thought

As a child I ran through cornfields

Not for peace or serenity, to touch God

But because it frightened me

That feeling of getting lost

In something so much larger than you

The maze of stalks, row after row, seemingly endless

The childish thought you may never make it back home

Lost, trapped forever in the web of a corn spider

A broken ankle, no one to hear your cries

Only the swift blades of the combine to shred you to nothing

Your poor mother, weeping

Rocking on the edge of your bed

Clutching your little league glove with trembling hands

In an empty room

Those childish fantasies are much closer to our reality

Than fields of daisies, a beautiful woman in a flowing summer dress

Sun on her face, the breeze just right

Many of us are still that scared little kid

Trapped in the cold, dark, wet slicing leaves of the towering stalks

Bound by the corn spiders web, waiting for the harvest

The mud disguising our soul as the combine draws near

Though I admit, I do love the flowers when they grow

I’ve found my place among the corn



corn spider