I watch the blood run down my hand
Drip from my fingertips, splash on the floor
All I can do is think to myself
How much I really don't give a fuck anymore

But this, like everything else
Is just superficial
Another worthless gesture
Another failed attempt
That changes nothing
I try to remember the last time
I was worthy of anything, but can't
I look in the mirror, staring back at me
Is the most pathetic thing I have ever seen
I smear the blood across my face
At least the ridiculousness of that 
Brings a smile

What if one of these times I don't stop
What if I finally get deep enough
That I can't go back
In that moment
Will I regret what I thought I always wanted
Beg for forgiveness, cry out to be saved
Or welcome with open arms
That sweet escape, my final performance
The curtain fall
Maybe then, I'll finally understand

Yeah, what if
Guess I'll just take a shower
Put on long sleeves
And clean the fucking floor