She sat on her pedestal
Indifferent to the throne
I made for her
So self absorbed
My self absorbed
Dogmatic and blind
There is no
Greater illusion
Than my image of you
Does the fault lie
In the fantasy
Or in the one
Who believes

In my naiveté
I thought myself
To your poison
Felt for a moment
I belong
Up there with you
Licking your feet
Grovelling for a glance
A nod of recognition
A place at your side
But no
I was never enough

Take caution
In your confidence
As you sit so high
For I've been known
To crumble
The tallest of pedestals
To bring down
The most majestic
Of things
I have left many
Like you
In my wake
As the humble peasant
Can be
Far more dangerous
Than the noble queen

her majesty