1. Eventually we start believing our own lies and mistaking them for the truths. I very much loved this piece today! Especially,
    “And mean
    Every word
    I say
    Because those lies
    Are the same lies
    I’ve been dreaming
    Of, for so long”
    Thanks for the share! ~K

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      1. I’m just so in awe of the gift.

        BTW, I went to the Great Sand Dunes National Park Saturday and thought of you looking at this magnificent space.

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      2. It’s a bit overwhelming. There were done backpackers planning to camp overnight there. I can only imagine how beautiful and surreal it would be at night.

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  2. Oh…E

    I can easily say, this is my favourite piece I’ve ever read of yours.

    It’s INCREDIBLY romantic, but a little dangerous and a little scary in a way just because we want so badly to be told certain sweet, hot things and we wish and plead that they are not lies but still…
    I am rambling and predict you will answer me with your usual thank you, lol.

    Just know you touched me with this one

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