The Poet

Somewhere within
These illicit words
Is an addiction
Strung out
On hope
With screams
Of regret
With mortal decay
Left thirsty
To its core
Hollow, ruminating, replicating
Through blank spaces
Within the only thing
We know as real
These pages
Left empty
In the belief
This all
To something

poet 2.jpg

The Poet – part 2


  1. I’m not a drug but I am enticing. I invite others to play on my page, draw their lines across my veins. And because there is space and I see their longing to leave their own mark, I open up to them. That’s my offering. Will you write on my skin? Make me feel real and alive again?

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      1. I feel the same. Mostly, I don’t think I am trying to do anything…I don’t know how. I sometimes feel as if I lack purpose, in my writing and my life. Perhaps that is ok. Perhaps that is more real. Perhaps not. What I do know is that your writing is good, more than good. It speaks to me. So, don’t try….just do (when you can)….if that makes sense.

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      2. You make sense. I guess I normally don’t “try” to do anything. There are simply things I do and things I don’t do. It’s easy sometimes though to put that pressure on yourself that you should be doing something more than what you are.

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  2. Your writing is one that shows the depth of emotional wreckage but returns to be sane and human looking at blank pages where he left off long long ago. Great poetry my friend. Dark but complete with a the ability to show enough reality.

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    1. I am writing, just not posting as often. I’m doing just once a week for now because I’m putting more energy into some longer pieces. I write a lot of short stories but don’t post them on my blog. They are too long for a blog post. My intention is to release a collection of short stories sometime this year, hopefully around summer if everything goes well. Blogging takes a lot of my time so I needed to back off a bit.

      It’s funny that you mention losing interest though, because I have recently had some discussions with other bloggers who are feeling the same way. Maybe those of us who are feeling somewhat disheartened with blogging should come together and form a writer’s group or something. Although I have never been good in group settings. Just a thought.


      1. Well, thank you, I appreciate that. If you decided to drop the blog, would you keep writing? I like your style and enjoy your work. The part you wrote the other day about how your father was able to ‘see’ you has stuck with me. I was actually thinking about that this morning.


      2. You’re welcome. We will all be witnessing a birth of an amazing writer/venturer. 🙂

        Don’t know if I will. I need ‘something’ to keep me interested in writing. I don’t know what it is. The problem is I’m used to questioning everything. I’m always thinking of ‘why is this done?! What’s the goal?!’. No goal?! I can lose interest. I need to write perhaps, so I can write a novel one day. That interests me. It’s a ‘goal. My brain can relate to that.

        Thank you ‘so much’, for liking the part about my dad. ‘That’ could be my goal. That ‘you’ like my writing and will tell me when it’s crap 🙂

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      3. Oh I don’t think I’m disheartened about ‘the lack of coming together as a writers’ group at all’! I think for me personally, it’s just losing its charm very rapidly. I feel, I have no idea why I should write now! So readers could like and say it’s great?! So what?! ‘Then’ what?! That’s the question I’m struggling with. Am I contributing anything good for the betterment of anyone reading my writing?! Then why am I writing?!

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      4. Why do you write? That’s a good question. I have been writing since I was a kid and never shared any of my writing with anyone. I would write something and then throw it away. I felt the act of writing it had served it’s purpose. But now that I am sharing my work I wonder the same thing. Why do I write?


      5. I so admire and respect your writing journey! I can actually picture you writing and throwing away. Since you were a kid. Why didn’t you share?!

        I don’t believe you should question why you write (and share) now?! Your writing is needed. It’s that simple. People are enjoying it. You will deprive them from that joy if you don’t share.

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      6. I respect that.

        I do believe like I said, I your case, the question is answered! You add value to your readers’ life, day, experience…! That in my opinion a great motivation to continue your wonderful writing journey.

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      7. I’m so sorry. I wonder if I am dyslexic (face scrunching) I missed reading your reply properly. We can perhaps ‘try’ the writers group. I’m not good with some group settings either. But won’t hurt to try. I guess.

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