And sometimes the blue turns to gray
As lost puppies push their nose into the sand
Digging along the shore
For something, anything
Wasting away, starving, thirsty
How long can they dig
Before the indifference of the tide
Carries them away

Why is it no one told them
There’s nothing to be found
Only the repetition of digging
The days blur; searching, searching
Till we finally understand what it is they’re looking for
But it’s not there, hasn’t been for a long time
Or maybe it never was

And we command them to stop, to come back
Because it doesn’t matter anymore
But they’re too distracted to notice
The tide, as it overtakes them
We dive in, grab all we can in desperation
They remember, welcome us
We who abandoned them
Only now, to realize
The things we have done, didn’t do
They lick the tears from our face
As we are pulled
Further and further from the safety of the shore

We thought we’ve known these cold, dark waters
Claimed to have sailed them for years
But we had no idea
No real grasp
Of how dark and cold things can really be
And we are alone
Suspended in the emptiness
Watching the lifeless body
Of each puppy
Float away from us
Too late
Though they say it never is
To remember
What they were looking for
In the sand
Where we once walked
And laughed
And dreamed