Available Now! Beyond The Field & COLDER

I have two books now available on Amazon.  Beyond The Field – an illustrated short story and COLDER – a collection of poetry and prose.  Click on one of the images below to read a sample or purchase the ebook.

If you have Kindle Unlimited, you can read them for free!


If you still love that feeling of having a physical book in your hands, click the links below to purchase a paperback version.

Beyond The Field:  paperback

Colder:  paperback

Print Covers
Paperback version features a variant cover from the ebook version.

Illustrations for Beyond The Field were done by emje at Quixotic Mama.  She’s an extremely talented artist and writer, stop by her site, and check out her work.


      1. Can I recommend using the feature from Amazon to connect the link to the covers?
        How? Look at the Amazon site, just above ‘Read on Any Device’ is a ‘share’ line that ends with – click on that and you get two options (I always choose the get a link option), copy, return to your site, click on the book cover, and add the url link to the pic!
        It makes it easier for readers to get the preview, and direct from your site.

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      1. Thanks to you, Dear, from us all! A Poet has a very special Gift to share with the World – the ability to express heart-felt emotions in words. It is very helpful for those that are in pain, or feel lost and alone to read them and know someone else understands, or has felt what they are feeling. There’s so much more I could say about this, however, it will suffice to simply send you the message directly from my HEART to your HEART. Wishing you the Sweetest of Blessings and every success! 💞

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  1. I am thrilled and proud to support your writing, under whatever name you choose. You’re very talented and I look forward to discovering what’s inside for me – and seeing the glimpses of you. Hugs! : )

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  2. A mind that can weave stories and poems is a blessing!
    I just ordered a copy of Beyond The Field.. I wonder if it will have that old fashioned feel of country life?
    Thank you for sharing your talent 🙂
    I hope you and your family have a Merry CHRISTmas and happy New Year.

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