Locked Away

Why does this caged beast sing

While the world burns around it

Lulled by deaf-tone melodies

Placate with the newest of things

And the prettiest of flowers

Your false touch

Prevents self-awareness

And the knowing

Of the absence of silence

A force left sleeping

On a bed of stories and verse

Dreams like melted wax

Drip from the cage

Caught between octaves

A suppressed will

Better to not awaken

For if this beast

Was to be unleashed

The world would know


Like never seen


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  1. Yup. Good thing I have the diabeetus to stop me… for now. I already know the secret of the zero and the sudden awakening from the empty white, sudden drop and splat split splot it is done. But not yet finished for the black turns again the white when I awaken and open my eyes.

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      1. You resent and relent just as me! I’m not ready yet to join my father. We thought he choked but it was the chemo-cals that weakened his poor engine heart to the point where it couldn’t keep up. Pulled it apart and broke in his throat. Not the pipes that choked but the engine that did.

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  2. Amazing poetry!
    I will keep your work in mind for purchasing. My dear, I have a big build of books to read. There are so many talented writers here on WP, and you are definitely one. Thank you!

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  3. Those opening two lines are bloody brilliant!! And that’s exactly been my struggle over the past few years. Why try to carve something beautiful in a world that’s going to burn? Why celebrate life when I’m not even sure I think society is worth saving? But you do write the darkness very well…. Bring on the night!!

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