There was nothing soft about her fragrance
That whiskey breath
Could peel the chrome off the bumper
Of my ’83 Chevy
But god-damn I loved her
We’d sit with the tailgate down
Drinking beers
Talking shit with a lullaby moon
And dripping stars
Just the two of us
Pulled off a lonesome country road
Surrounded by nothing but dreams

Who could forget that time 
I went to take a piss
And a raccoon jumped out
From behind a tree
I screamed like a little girl
Got piss all over myself
And she laughed so hard
Beer shot out from her nose
I’d never seen anything so beautiful
God-damn, I loved her

But anyone who drinks that hard
Has something they’re trying to forget
And I knew; she told me everything
It takes a lot of pills
And even more booze
To forget something like that
She swore she’d never say goodbye
It’d be too hard
One day, she’d just be gone
And I believed her
But we had a lot of nights like those
Mad Dog philosophers
Running down this star, and that star
What ifs and what could be
-If only

I’d lie there and watch her dance
In the bed of my truck
Skirt twirling, hands weaving overhead
I suppose she’s still dancing
Up there, somewhere, among the stars
I hope she looks down on me once in a while
And understands how sorry I am
I wasn’t enough
I couldn’t give her a way out
From everything she carried inside
She’d cry and say just hold me
Tell me one more time
About someday and maybes,
About a house, a dog, 
a silly picket fence, green grass,
a garden, a couple of kids running around, 
a real family, a home . . . our home
-If only

There’ll always be a part of her with me
One long summer that never ends
Sitting on that tailgate
In some god-forsaken cornfield
Drinking beers, the sound of her laughter
That look in her eye, right before
She kissed me
My first
And as far as I’m concerned
My last
Just a couple of dreamers
Who had nothing in the world
But each other

-from Bobby to Annie; wherever you are