COLDER is on Sale!

For a limited time, my collection of poetry, COLDER is on sale at Amazon.  Just .99 for the ebook!

You can click the image above or here is a direct link COLDER ebook

Also, I will gift a copy of Beyond The Field ebook to the first five people who reply to this post letting me know they purchased COLDER at the reduced price. Thank you everyone for your continued support of my work.  It means the world to me.


      1. Just a genuine fan of your poetry. (And I’m hard to impress: you’re on a short list.) I also appreciate that you’ve been around since my day-one as a poet. I’m excited to see your growth, and you HAVE grown as an artist and person. I mean, you have a picture and a name now even. (:

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  1. I bought this a while back and have been trying to carve out the time to write a review. It is an absolutely beautiful book! I love the stillness in your work, the reflection. You never fail to leave me in awe, River!

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  2. Hi River.
    I have been drifting through the new book, Colder, like I am drifting down a slow river …. It feels appropriate.
    Anyway, last night I read …
    “From This
    So much dropped
    Along the way
    Too heavy to carry
    Weigh us down
    In every attempt
    To move forward
    Till one day …..”

    And I was touched. ♥️. : )

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