One Slip, For The Punished – A Collaboration

It’s through shallow eyes
And loose fingers
Which you grip the world
So much easier
To slip
Through my icy embrace
Than to accept
For a moment
My silence is not
For nothing
You see it
As sin
When I keep walking
Stepping over, on
And around
Peering with vacant eyes
And gnarled claws
With which to throttle the void
Choosing to fall
Into that frozen stare
To rage in defiance
For all of time
Against the accursed silence
The sinful blanket
That smothers
Threatening to walk away
Flee then coward
Avoidance a tool
In which to punish
The world

This piece was written with Mike from Mike's Manic Word Depot
If you haven't yet read any of his work, I would recommend you stop 
by his blog and check it out.  He is certainly one of the greater 
talents here on WordPress, and beyond.  A master of confessional 
poetry and prose.  Mike also has a book being released on March 1st 
called NOTCHES.  Keep an eye out for that.


  1. I trusted your judgment and was not disappointed: Mike is phenomenal, too. Thanks for that recommendation. It’s so exciting to me when I discover such talented writers like you two. (: Well-matched collab!

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  2. After digesting your latest poetic dish: I’m glad you exist. Your writing (and stable author presence) rejuvenates me as a writer when I’m unstable and feel like quitting (never from block: my muses flood the place.) It reminds me that I love this, being a reader and writer, and I need to try even harder to not run away from it because of the emotions I don’t want to deal with that arise as byproduct. You writing, you doing all this, really matters. It mattered in a timely way for me again today. Thank you. (I’m not comfortable commenting on others’ blogs because I lose the power of the recall/delete button, but it was important to me to let you know you make a difference by using your talents.)

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    1. Thank you, this really touched me. If we can all connect with and feed off one another’s creative energy, then in my opinion, we have all succeeded. I have always failed with the spoken word, so to hear that my written words have served a purpose; well, that is all I could ever hope for.

      I’m not much for leaving comments either, I never feel like I have anything intelligent to offer, but thank you for taking the time to leave this comment.

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