Then and Now

Your memory clings like a noose

I so delicately tied myself

In the early hours when sleep eludes

Desperation sets in, like an old friend

Writhe, as the air refuses my lungs

It’s easier to give in, to give up

And let this tide overtake me

A slow collapse as the morning breaks

Hands of the clock, tick with a deafening echo

As those moments, which cannot be forgotten

Rain down around me

From the only clouds I’m able to see

In a painted sky, with my own chosen colors

This time, I let go, find an escape

Welcoming the burden of another day

With words which give shadow to the light

The allure remains, nonetheless

To loiter in this self-imposed prison

As I frequent, in longer durations

The hours between then and now

From which I hang


  1. Very well written, so deeply expressed and insightful.
    In attempt to avoid the memories, of those moments can be paralyzing.
    It can feel like a prison, sometimes I know not where to begin.
    Finally…sinking into sleep.

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  2. Excellent. You expressed so beautifully the way it feels to have memories surface, reliving those moments, the what-if’s and the if-only’s. Ah to have that second chance… Anyway, wonderful!

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  3. So beautiful. I was drawn in right from the very first line: there’s something exquisite about each word, the way you’ve framed it. Your style is vivid and rich, but with a sup[risingly sharp undertone of pain cutting straight to the heart. ❤

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  4. I was reading this with my emotions still high and I nearly burst into tears. Maybe, I was just feeling the emotions in this poem, too. But this is very heartfelt!

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