Some Days

There are days

When this world proves

Too much for me

I was stopped

At a crosswalk

To let a woman and her children cross

A baby under one arm

Two small children rushing

To keep up

A boy and a girl

It was cold and raining

The kids were bundled

Safe from the elements

But she was in just a t-shirt

Stained and tattered sweat pants

She looked in my direction

Our eyes locked, for a moment

She tried to smile

But the depth of sadness, defeat

In her eyes

Was all she could manage

And in that moment, I understood

As the weight she carried

Came down on me, smothering


Showing me a lifetime of burden

In a passing glance

The dreams lost, forgotten

Every disappointment, every struggle

Every failure

Was now a part of me

If you wonder why

I avoid people, prefer to stay home

Walk with my head down

It’s because I have enough

I’ve seen enough

And the knowledge that we are one,

Connected in every way

Proves too much for me

Some days


      1. sometimes we just need to be acknowledged as human beings by a mere glance in the mirror of another’s eyes then we can overcome 🙂 thank you for acknowledging her existence 🙂

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