Some Days

There are days

When this world proves

Too much for me

I was stopped

At a crosswalk

To let a woman and her children cross

A baby under one arm

Two small children rushing

To keep up

A boy and a girl

It was cold and raining

The kids were bundled

Safe from the elements

But she was in just a t-shirt

Stained and tattered sweat pants

She looked in my direction

Our eyes locked, for a moment

She tried to smile

But the depth of sadness, defeat

In her eyes

Was all she could manage

And in that moment, I understood

As the weight she carried

Came down on me, smothering


Showing me a lifetime of burden

In a passing glance

The dreams lost, forgotten

Every disappointment, every struggle

Every failure

Was now a part of me

If you wonder why

I avoid people, prefer to stay home

Walk with my head down

It’s because I have enough

I’ve seen enough

And the knowledge that we are one,

Connected in every way

Proves too much for me

Some days


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