On Writing (Yet Another)

Inspiration strikes like a match
In an afternoon monsoon microburst
Of clichés, tired and trite
The obligatory opening and closing
Threadbare and uninspired
A triple-dose of banal, twice-told
Allegories, tedious, tiresome
So much effort for the stale and pedestrian
How much time did you spend
Polishing that dime-store bauble of yours
You so pretentiously loft
Above everyday heads and ardent eyes
To declare, once again
The prowess of your prose
As eager critics lie in wait, lingering
To gnaw at pages, with condemning teeth
Tongues poised, ready to expose
Each flaw, every misstep
With stinging, acidic venom
Dripping from brooding lips and dull blade
A literary castration
Sends you cowering back, waiting
For one more day, a moment
Of inspiration, that strikes
Like a match, words burning down
From fingers to page
In one more attempt to offer
This world, something of substance

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  1. Whoa there. Leave some fine verses for the rest of us. Way to go River. Loved this one. It sums up the whole shebang about creativity and the writer’s block. (FYI. I use my writer’s blocks to build a castle) 😀

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  2. Writing really seems to be an act of faith. Faith in what seems to be a mysterious question. Your words say to me that writing faith has to do with one’s voice that appears on the page, as if on its own. Well done!

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  3. Hi River. the way I understand your beautiful poem is that with one striking of inspiration you break free from the chains of criticism and judgment,
    As always a big fan.

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  4. Wow – excellent, strong and powerful stuff. Fantastic, well-crafted poem that all writers will identify with. I love the idea of acid venom ‘dripping from brooding lips’ and ‘a literary castration’. I’m sure that’s how most of us would feel after a lashing from the critics. You are very talented. More please…

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  5. You out did yourself River !! Great work with words that actually got me thinking about all the work that goes into creating our posts for others to read and appreciate hopefully. I liked this poem !

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      1. It is because there are some very good writers out there and you’re exposed to all different styles. The guy that runs it is very knowledgeable and to the point in making you see what could be improved and why. Feedback from other participants is sometimes useful too.

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  6. “How much time did you spend
    Polishing that dime-store bauble of yours.”

    I love these two lines. It is something I have done as well–get too focused on the portions of writing which are not necessary. To destroy the raw, integrity of your potential words by fretting over whether they are perfect or not. Filtering out the mud and blood of the work out of fear until all that’s left is a sterile room, void of its original beauty and core potential.

    I am one of those writers that hide their pieces. I have the most challenging time showing them to the world and opening up, and for that reason, like so many others, I end up rarely publishing anything that has not been destroyed by too much white paste over the heart and soul of the words. My goal this year is to destroy that habit.

    I appreciate this poem a lot. Thank you.

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    1. Thank you very much for the comment. You are right, it’s very easy to beat the life out of something with over-editing. I fall in that trap myself at times.

      I hid my writing for a long time. I just started sharing it a little over a year ago, and I’ve been writing since I was a kid. I hope you start to share more of your work, I would like to read it.

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      1. Thank you for the encouragement. I am excited about being on WordPress–at least for the community. I think it is going to help with getting over those fears and building confidence in my voice. 🙂

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