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I’ve decided to start compiling an email list in anticipation of my upcoming short story collection which, if everything works out, will be published by summer 2019.

By subscribing, you will receive an occasional newsletter containing periodic updates on my works in progress, the opportunity to join my ARC team (receive free advance review copies), early notification of sales and giveaways, and exclusive subscriber-only content.

Thank you, everyone, for the continued support you have given me and my work.

*I assure you, if you join the list, I will not inundate you with constant nonsense or spam, nor will I give your email to any third parties for their own nefarious uses.

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      1. Hey, dear friend, my card dosen’t allow me to purchase your book directly. So it took me some time. But I did get a copy of your book of your book as a gift (kindle version) couple of days ago. I’ll let you know when I go through it.

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