I’ll spare you
My over-bearing
Want for knowing
My endless
Who, what, where
When, why, how
And what for
Because we all know
We’ve read the book
Or at least
Seen the movie
I was awake
For most of it
Okay, part of it
Not that it matters
The ending was spoiled
The day
We were born
The tickets weren’t cheap
But we had to see
For ourselves
I suppose the question
Now, is
Was it worth
The price
Of admission

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  1. Sorry. I find this one confusing. It’s like you had problems to keep a train of thoughts, so what you did is to just put everything you wanted and shuffled it. What were you saying in this piece was actually very emotional and platonic and I like it. If it was me, IF IT WAS, I think I’d do another route. But it’s great, I just had to read it a couple of times to get it.

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    1. Aaaand, I found what was the problem. You chopped the lines and started the next line with a capital letter which really played a game with my mind to see where the line begins, and where it ends. I understand your point better. This was good.

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  2. Another well observed and finely crafted poem, River. And a superb use of metaphor. I have to admit I sleep through as much of it as possible! Like many others, I love ‘the ending was spoiled the day we were born’ and quite right, the tickets weren’t cheap. Wonderful stuff. 🙂

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  3. Reminds me of the first time I saw Citizen Kane (in high school). Everyone assumed that the whole class had seen it, so no one even bothered to talk about it – so, somehow, I got to watch it for the first time without it being spoiled. I only hate it because I’ll never get to experience that feeling at the end ever again!

    I liked this poem, though, because spoilers are just like this. Innocent, needy, and somehow ruinous!

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