Dangling on the wrong side of yesterday
Searching for what I never had, within what’s left
Waiting for meaning in sun-bleached tomorrows
That never come
I wait, fading into times of solitude, obscurity
Trembling hands penetrate the earth
Digging a place for these hollow seeds
Sowing the indifference of days past
And those yet to come
But sometimes a breeze will blow
Hard enough to remind me
There’s something more beyond this
Empty plot where nothing new grows
Walled in, to protect the fragile, fertile soil
Buried memories, one-by-one, the regret
Never deep enough to contain their regrowth
But that’s okay, I suppose, there’s a reason for it all
In time I may understand, the way things grow
Within, beyond our control
As I wait for springtime and the possibility of new life
From the old, as the words drip from my mouth
To nourish these sentiments
That may one day grow beyond this place
And find their way back to you