Another Corner

It took so long
For you to walk away
You never stopped
Looking back
I think I even heard
A mumbled, regretful
I love you
At one point
Too many times
I’ve turned around
Faking a heartbeat
Every time our eyes meet
I’m sure you’d stop
If I asked you to
But I know better
Than to give you
What you want
Or what I want
There’s still a chance
Maybe, I tell myself
Or maybe it’s better
This way
As what’s done, is done
And we let it disappear
Around another corner


  1. Another thoughtful and evocative poem, River, full of feelings of hesitation and the path not taken. We’re never quite sure at the end, are we? And whatever it is that awaits around ‘another corner’ is always calling. Great stuff. 🙂

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      1. Very true, to dive into such an unknown quantity of love is always to set out on a risky path. Quite a brave thing to do really, when you think about it. 🙂

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  2. So close but worlds apart, see through space but not through time. So far but close enough, hear the breaking of hearts collide. There! I’m going after it just once more around the shadows bent.

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  3. How do you take so few words and make them magically become something wonderful and that which touches, no, grips the heart? I don’t know. But this, I read three times before I could even form a tiny response. Thank you for sharing.

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