Pre-Order is Live-The Stories In Between

TSIB Cover Promo-Small

Click the above image, or here, to pre-order the ebook at the special $0.99 pre-order price.  Release day is June 11.

If paperback is more your thing, that will release a couple of weeks before the ebook, sometime around May 28th. I’ll send out a notification once the release date is confirmed.


  1. Congratulations Blessings to you!
    So exciting… I do prefer the paper copies. Which the reason I didn’t join your panel too. Are you scheduled for book signing tours. Actually I’m not sure if you do them.., 😆

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  2. Congratulations for getting your work out there! Amazon’s a great way to release new stories to a wide audience. 🙂
    I’m curious about trying the self-publishing route – would you recommend using KDP for e-book versions, or do you still need to purchase every ISBN number for each edition you want to publish, whether ebook or paperback?

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    1. That’s a good question which I have really looked in to. You will get varying opinions on the ISBN debate. My opinion is that if money is no issue, then get the ISBN. If money is a consideration, then you need to look at where you plan to publish. If you are going exclusively with Amazon, then I would not spend the money on an ISBN. Through Amazon, the ebook does not need an ISBN and if you do a paperback, Amazon will provide you with a free Amazon exclusive ISBN. If you plan on publishing through other marketplaces, ebook and paperback, then an ISBN is something to strongly consider. Somewhere like draft2digital will provide you with a free ISBN for your ebook but a paperback published thru somewhere like Lulu requires you to provide an ISBN. For me personally, I go Amazon exclusive, so I don’t spend the money on an ISBN. I would rather put that money toward things like the cover, editing, etc.

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      1. Thanks for clarifying it so well, River! I’ve learned much more about the different publishing avenues on offer. Thanks for always being such an encouraging reader for my stories too & hope your publishing goes well 😀

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