In this I have become
Plucked from sanity’s embrace
Ungrounding, unfurled
Wrought from fever and disgrace
In each step through
Cinder and ash, my becoming
Awoken on the edge
Of a creeping tide, overtaken
Suspended above watchful eyes
The breaking sounds of rancid bread
Quenching malnourished tendons
To form what stands before you
It spreads like disease
To the most sacred of places
Here, where once sought respite
Now gives way to a blackened
State of nothing
To let go of the something
Once held in defiance of waking
These things which rip at me
When I dare to close my eyes
A vengeful reminder
That what I have become
Is without beginning or end
Void of solace and sweet repose
Wrapped in sleepless hours
Drowning in the swirling eddy
Of an unsettled mind

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