Paperback is Available-The Stories In Between

The paperback version of my new short story collection is now available thru Amazon!

TSIB Cover Promo-Small

Click the above image or here to purchase the paperback.

The ebook is available for pre-order at the low, low pre-order price of $.99 (the price will go up significantly on release so get it now and save some money). Click here if you would like to pre-order. Release date for the ebook is June 11.

The ebook is also available for free to those who purchase the paperback with Kindle Matchbook.

Thank you to everyone whose has already pre-ordered the ebook, your support means a lot to me.

And an extra special thank you to all my ARC readers. I will be sending out an email soon, letting you know when you will be able to leave a review (if you choose to).


  1. Hey River,

    For my next blog post I’m trying to bring back my interview series “Voices behind the words” where I interview writers. I’d like to extend the invite for you to be my guest. If interested leave me your email and I’ll email you the questions. P.S. It’s more conversational than a traditonal interview. I’m in the finishing stages for my second poetry book, hence why I haven’t been postly recently. Maybe you can give me and any other readers advice on about publishing and promoting books.

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      1. Ooh thanks so much River, I’d love that! I’ve got so many books in my wish list, many affordable but I just don’t have the change to spare currently to get any. That’s so kind of you!!

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