Our Place

There is a walk I know, among the trees
How much you always loved the solitude
The dry, fallen leaves cracking beneath our feet
An overcast afternoon, fleeting warmth as the sun
Wove through the clouds overhead
The fall colors, which you couldn’t stop talking about
You always had a way of looking at things
As if for the first time
We’d sit there, beside the creek
Because there’s always a creek in my dreams
Sipping water, eating grapes, maybe strawberries
As you reach in your backpack
Surprise me with a chunk of banana bread
You made the night before, for our special day
A simple reminder, to never let go of these moments
Because for all the broken promises, things left unsaid
This is all that really matters in the end
A walk in the woods, sitting by a creek on a fall afternoon
Eating smashed banana bread with the person you love
I reach down and pick up a small rock, remembering
Turning it between my fingers, before tossing it into the creek
Saying goodbye to you, one more time
As the wind carries your memory away from me
And from this, our place

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  1. The wind carries her home, collects all of her essence, and spirits it away for work must be done. She will be remade. She will be reborn. She will be upgraded and perfected in force or form.
    Eep, you weren’t supposed to noticed our workings here behind the scenes. Shit. Do … do we … take him too? Quick, get that stone.. smash it into his skull! Now fly away fly away!

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  2. memories and scars are friends to each other, entirely objective in nature and subjective to those who carry them

    these doors are kept closed, yet seem to open of their own volition ….speaking personally of course

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  3. This is a story in itself, River. I can feel the solitude, the memories, the breeze on my skin and the bereavement of a lost love. As always, you craft the words into such beautiful imagery, and I particularly love this poem because you describe my perfect afternoon out – simple, quiet and wooded bliss. 🙂

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  4. It always astounds me how the simplest moments and memories can have so much power. The force of emotions they can produce. It is a skilled writer who can create something so remarkable out of a simple idea. This was beautiful and brimming with nostalgia. I loved every word and every line 🙂

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    1. Thank you for reading.
      That is a very good question, one I would have to think about, and likely never be able to answer.
      Maybe, he feels with each pebble tossed, he is leaving a part of the heaviness behind. As if that was possible.

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  5. Wow, as I read your poems, I felt that they were dedicated to me. Wonderful, written with love. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to read your fantastic poems. Have a nice Sunday. Greetings, Balle 🤗

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