If my words were to
Fall from you
Scattered on the ground
To be whisked away
On an unfelt breeze
If you’ve forgotten what this tree
Was like before the leaves fell
Or this flower, when in bloom
I hold no ill will toward you
For what you cannot see
Or what you cannot remember
Lost, to the things you never knew
For as each breath gives life
It goes equally unnoticed
As time does tend to numb
And the rains often wash away
With the realization that
It all dies eventually
Even what grows in its place
Forsaken, abandoned, insignificant
Unrecognizable to the eyes and ears
Of those who stand watching


  1. Deep and thought provoking, and very well crafted. The visualization of words and ideas as trees and flowers, and the association of time with rain that washes things away, was a very effective way of conveying the natural impermanence of even what we create. The ending, too, rounds it off nicely with a poignant reminder that the process often goes unnoticed. Quite a satisfying read.

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      1. I understand that you are happy now… and we are happy because you are happy…but still the ending is spreading darkness. Well, if you are saying it is a “happy darkness” 🧐😬😬

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  2. Wonderfully written River. So moving
    How soon the season changes
    Sometimes forgotten
    Fall the shedding of leaves Winter naked trees
    Budding and Rain Showers during Spring
    Summer is in full Bloom

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  3. This is quite an evocative piece of writing, River. It’s that way from the word go. Can’t really fault the speaker for not holding ill will. Because if the words fall and are whisked away by the wind, they are carried to someone else with whom they resonate. The leaves grow back on the tree, and it’s a new beginning for what once was.
    I really like the ideas you’ve talked about and the emotions your words throb with. 🙂🙂

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  4. If your words were to
    Flow to me
    (Carried on a River)
    To be melted by
    The sunshine inside the
    Wisdom of your poetry
    You would comprehend my gratitude
    Inside this lovely moment
    Where your words and
    My attention meet again.
    (Thank you.)

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  5. The glory of youth slowly fades away. In youth we work hard to provide for our families and contribute to the society. However, we sink into oblivion as we become old.

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