Support Indie Authors

Here are links to three great books by three amazing writers. I have read them and highly recommend.

Click the image to purchase

Check out Tara’s blog at

Check out Ray’s blog at

Chris can be found at

And if you do purchase any of these titles, please consider taking the time to leave them a review.


  1. PS I just noticed the “No, Buy Me” over Colder. ^_^ Such a relief to know I’m not the only anthropomorphinologeramajiggy person out there!

    PS2 (not that one) Also, I found another great way to support Indie authors. I think it’s mostly for people starting out or those like me who only fake being confident. 😛 It’s called Wattpad and you can post stories, design your own covers and then each paragraph has a place for comments. You can also get sponsors (like Patreon) eventually. It’s all writer- and reader-driven, like Patreon. Which I also love but haven’t quite figured out. o.O

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  2. What an awesome way to support indie authors! It takes a great deal of time and energy to write in-depth reviews. Better to recommend indie books through a quick post than never getting around to longer reviews and not sharing the books at all. I think I’ll copy this idea if you don’t mind, River.

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    1. Thank you. Yeah, I don’t consider myself much of a reviewer and honestly, I don’t care to read book reviews myself, so I figured this was the best way for me to share work that I have read and liked.

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