She once whispered to me
Of things which truly matter
Only once will I say this
She told me
It is then up to you
If you listen
Or ignore these words
If you see
Burden or a gift
For know
These words are not mine
They have been here
Echoing through time
A beacon of hope
For all
Who would listen

The years passed
And somewhere along the way
I lost the words she said to me
That day
And now I find myself
In desperate need
Of her voice once again
And I realize, looking back
I didn't care enough
To see through her eyes
Was too afraid of the truth
Too distracted
By where I thought
I needed to be

And now
I would gladly
Tear down
All that I've built
Lay down
All I have known
To go back
To remember
Just a single word
She said to me
That day
So long ago

that day