Hand of a Stranger

I may smile at you
But it stops there
I don’t have much
To give you
Some words
Nothing much at all

There are spaces between
The cracks in this shell
If you look through
They are warm and pleading
For a hand to grasp
To pull me from this place

I don’t ask for salvation
For it is mine to find
But if you have more to offer
Than a moment
I may accept your hand
With the intent
To do you no harm

For there are things to be broken
And together
We can destroy this place
Build something
From this

But if not
Then offer, perhaps
Just a smile in return
And we will pass by
As strangers
The way it has always been


    1. Social media is certainly a strange beast. I only use WordPress though, which I have to say is a pretty positive place. I tried Twitter for a couple of months but the negativity there is something I don’t want to be a part of.

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      1. Yes, I am mostly WP too…I have such a love/hate thing with FB… their ethics are so appalling, but there are too many people I know who only really stay in touch through it. I’m still trying to figure out what to do about that. I actually deleted my FB months ago, then when I went to change my messenger password, it took me straight to my FB account! Even though it said I could use messenger without it! Ugh!
        I’ve never tried Twitter, but what you have said is consistent with other things i have heard.
        I’m so cynical of all of this data mining that goes on, and how valuable it has become…

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  1. Beautiful ❤ I often wonder whether a stranger would look into someone’s soul and connect with the person intimately. All I can see is humanoids sleepwalking around me 😁

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