If you could see
What I see
In those moments when
You're most vulnerable
You might recognize
Through the haze
Of your sadness
There is something within you
The word beautiful
Fails to describe

I've heard you cry out
For nothing more
Than the most basic
Of human needs
To be touched
In a way
Where you are seen
To be held
In a way
Where you are heard
To be safe
From all this
Which has been given you
To hear those words
This is not your fault

Such things 
Are not much to ask
If I could give them
To you, I would
Over and over
A thousand times a day
But like you
I've never known
These things

You'd think in this
We'd find common ground
But it's exactly
What keeps us apart
For how do we give
What we've never known
How do we share
What's never been shown
And how can we love
That which we fail to see